Healthy Mouth

Ever since you were young, your parents have taught you to keep your mouth clean and healthy. This is why you should brush your teeth twice a day, and make sure you floss in the spaces between to catch all food particles stuck there. For you, it might simply be a habit, but actually, maintaining your oral health is the main reason and motivation to stick to this routine.


What Are Signs Of A Healthy Mouth?

Much has been written about the importance of oral hygiene, from your dentist to your parents, the doctors to even manufacturers of oral care products. The next question is, how do you know that your mouth is actually healthy? In order to identify whether your oral care habits are enough or need to be improved, you need to understand what your goal is and what signs of a healthy mouth you should strive for.


Healthy Gums

Your gums play a huge role in overall oral health. If your gums are not pink and firm, and instead they are red or white, as well as swollen or tender, then they are not healthy. At times, bacteria that get stuck in between teeth can affect your gums, which is why flossing is the best way to achieve healthy gums.


Pleasant Breath

Bad breath is a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Not only is fresh breath a sign of great oral health, but a neutral-smelling one will keep you feeling confident when talking to someone else. If your breath smells differently, it means bacteria are breeding in your mouth due to food particles present there. Going for regular check-ups to the doctor and good oral care habits will remove your fear of putting someone off due to bad breath.


Strong Teeth

Teeth that have cavities and other dental problems are weak and will break easily. In fact, strong teeth and a complete smile are one of the top reasons why people take care of their teeth. It means, you will not have a reason to be shy about your smile and you will be able to enjoy all your favorite foods all the time.


Healthy Oral Tissues

Much like the gums, these tissues appear pink in color. However, they may be subject to sores, thrush, and tenderness. The tongue might also appear white, indicating a dirty tongue or some other dental problems. Frequent visits to your dentist will ensure these tissues are always healthy.


Tips To Keep Mouth Healthy

Now that you know the signs of a healthy mouth, you can refer to this article for tips on achieving a healthy mouth. Brushing your teeth and flossing daily are already clear ways to do so, but what other steps can you take to achieve this goal?


Choose Effective Dental Care Products

The American Dental Association (ADA) seal identifies dental care products that are safe and effective. While this is an easy way to check whether your product conforms to their standards, you may also talk to your dentist for other suggestions based on the status of your teeth and gums. You should also read the labels to avoid products that have dangerous ingredients. The most important one is fluoride, which is best for fighting tooth decay and preventing cavities.

Lots of people also choose rinses and mouthwash as part of their oral care routine. It is important to read the labels to find the best one because one variety of rinses is only for cosmetic reasons, like masking bad breath. On the other hand, there are therapeutic ones that also kill germs and plaque, plus maybe whitening your teeth.


Monitor Your Food And Drink Intake

Saliva is your body’s defense against bacteria, and crunchy and hard foods will produce more saliva. Moreover, this kind of foods will also scrub and clean the teeth’s surface. Some examples include apples, cucumber, carrots, and other raw fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, food rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and vitamin D will keep teeth and gums healthy. In turn, those that are rich in antioxidants will fight any bad bacteria present in the mouth.


Avoid These Bad Habits

Smoking will make teeth yellow and wear away gums. After a very long time, you may experience tissue damage, tooth loss and decay, or worse, oral cancer.

Another bad habit is chewing gums with sugar. While chewing is a good idea to stimulate saliva, you should always reach for sugar-free ones to avoid exposing your teeth to sugar.

Lastly, whitening kits can lead to tooth sensitivity after some time. It may also destroy tooth enamel and lead to gum irritation, due to the chemicals in these products. To be safe, only have your professional dentist whiten your teeth.

A healthy mouth with good-smelling breath is not just a sign of good oral health, but it is also something that will boost your confidence. In just a few steps, you can achieve this goal and flash those pearly whites to show them off.